3 cheapest places for backpacking in Europe


The truth is we do like to travel cheap. Who hasn’t had a dream of grabbing a backpack in one hand and a map in the other and shooting off to an unknown place?! Anyway, it’s good to plan some stuff ahead: accommodation, safety and the amount of money you plan to spend. So, where to go with a small budget and a big desire for adventure?

We would like to point at three cities that you should definitely visit, if you’re thinking about cheap and wonderful backpacking trip. Have a read, and hopefully you can make a use of the approximate breakdown of daily costs at each description.


The capital of Hungary is magnificent and it’s official – it’s listed as one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world by UNESCO. Budapest has been through a lot: Barbarian invasions, Turkish and Roman dominations, that just allow us to realize the long and complex history of the city. Whilst in Budapest, take a walk through the amazing Old Town, which leads to the beautiful Buda Castle, the Royal Palace. Then, you should definitely explore the Margaret Island, covered with landscape parks, where you can have a rest from sightseeing. You will surely admire the astonishing bridges of Budapest, crossing the Danube river. And if you’re brave enough, you could climb the Gellért Hill, which apparently was a place of covens back in the days!

There is plenty of restaurants where you can try spicy Hungarian food. Whereas in in the night time… you must pop into one of many great clubs!


Accommodation: 8€
Transport: 2€
Food: 9€
Drinks: 4€
Tourist attractions: 6€
Daily Total: 29€

Backpacking in Prague


Prague is called the ‘Paris of the East’, but there are reasons why some also say that Paris is the ‘Prague of the West’… Located in the very centre of Europe, Prague shines on all the other European capital cities. The Prague Castle is a true gem and it is the largest ancient castle in the world. Situated near the hill, is surrounded with ramparts and courtyards that lead you to the stunning St. Vitus Cathedral. Prague is the backpacker’s paradise because of its numerous beautiful spots to visit for free, like the Wallenstein Garden, where you can find an impressive grotto, the historic Charles Bridge crossing the Vltava river and the Royal Route, that you should visit early in the morning, because only then you can catch the glimpse of the perfect magical sunrise, that wakes the city up to life.

Accommodation: 9€
Transport: 1,5€
Food: 13€
Drinks: 4€
Attractions: 9€
Daily Total: 36,5€

Backpacking in Lviv


Located in the Western part of Ukraine, Lviv is the cradle of the Ukrainian culture. But if you don’t acknowledge the history of the city, you definitely won’t feel its spirit. Through ages, it’s been a home for many different nationalities: Poles, Jews, Tatars, Armenians. It has created an amazing mix of Slavic culture, which one can especially feel and see when walking down the streets in the Old Town. But Lviv is not only about the history! It’s mainly a city for travellers with adventure in their hearts. You will have a chance to try a coffee with booze, jump across the city’s rooftops, or just sit on the stairs of the Royal Palace and gaze at the crowd.
You also should spend one evening in the amazing Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Unforgettable experience for an extremely low price!

Accommodation: 5€
Transport: 0,5€
Food: 3€
Drinks: 2,5€
Tourist attractions: 3€
Daily total: 14€

For many, the most common excuse for not taking the opportunity to travel are the high costs. However, true backpackers know that the money is not the issue! Pack your backpack, choose your destination and go! And when on the road, don’t forget to send a WishCard to the ones you miss!

Author: Tomasz Delmaczyński

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