About the app

Wish You Were Here Today – is a smartphone app to share emotions. It’s not a Facebook post, Snapchat or WhatsApp communicator. It’s your tool to tell someone dear to you that single, most powerful sentence you can tell. Whether you are trekking the Himalayas, whale watching, attending a music festival or simply having a great time and thinking of someone treasured, you now have the app designed to help you express how much you miss them by saying – Hey! I wish you were here today! and send them a WishCard that will never disappear.

Our app is free to download and free to use digitally. If you want to create a physical postcard that will arrive to the doorstep of someone you keep deep in your heart you will need to purchase WishCredits. The rules are simple – the more you buy the cheaper they get and they will never expire.

This app has been built by a group of friends who work across digital media and travel industries. It is still being funded with private money. If you like our idea and you’d like to help us build new features (we’ve got a whole list already!) into this app we are always open to have a chat – just drop us a line on email or one of our social media channels.