3 cheapest places for backpacking in Europe


The truth is we do like to travel cheap. Who hasn’t had a dream of grabbing a backpack in one hand and a map in the other and shooting off to an unknown place?! Anyway, it’s good to plan some stuff ahead: accommodation, safety and the amount of money you plan to spend. So, where to go with a small budget and a big desire for adventure? Continue reading “3 cheapest places for backpacking in Europe”

WYWHT at the Traveltech Lab Meetup

Yesterday we were having fun at the Traveltech Lab meetup at Karmarama offices in London Farringdon. The Traveltech Lab is a global hub for innovation, tourism and travel. Introduced to the UK by The Trampery, it is the first travel and tourism focused coworking space. It aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and creativity and bring together technology startups with big corporates within the travel industry. Continue reading “WYWHT at the Traveltech Lab Meetup”