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‘WishYouWereHere’ available on the Apple App Store and the Android’s Google Play

An app that allows you to send postcards to your loved ones – even without the address of the recipient!

Worldwide – 2016 – Available now, the app offers a new personal communication channel to iPhone and Android users to let their friends and family know that they remember about them, while travelling. It allows users to easily send photos from their phones, either in a form of a traditional postcard or a digital WishCard that they can post on their friend’s Facebook or send via email.

‘I came up with the idea whilst travelling in Tibet. Admiring the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas, I really wanted to share these moments with my family. I thought – wouldn’t it be amazing just to take a picture with my phone and have it sent as a postcard to my grandma in Poland? So, I simply built an app for that.’

says Jacob Piotrowski, the Founder introduces the missing sentiment into the world of apps and brings back the forgotten personal communication. It’s your utility tool to make your friends really appreciate your gesture while going through stacks of bills & food delivery leaflets in their mailbox. In the era of digital technology, the app in fact calls for a human experience that one gets when sending (and receiving) a physical postcard. brings a digital revolution to the traditional way of sending greeting cards.

The app will especially serve travellers, but will also be useful to everyone who misses a friend in any given moment, or to anybody who simply wants to send an occasional, personalised card. Whether you want to send a selfie from the Grand Canyon to your parents, or to give the thumbs up to your best mate for passing the exam, allows you to send a photo of your choice to a chosen recipient, even if you don’t know your recipient’s address! (knowing only their email address or phone number, the app will automate a message to the recipient with a link to submit their delivery address, and when the address is submitted the user receives instant confirmation with push notification).

The interface of the app is simple and user-friendly. Users can easily login with their email addresses or Facebook accounts. They can manually add friends (recipients) to their friend’s list as well as conveniently import friends from their phone’s contact list. The app allows users to take a new picture that they want to send, or pick one from their phone’s gallery. They can write a message (up to 300 characters), that will be visible on the back of the card.

The app is free to download and the cost of sending one physical postcard is one WishCredit. The application allows to buy 5, 12 and 25 Wishcredits – the more one buys, the cheaper they get. The app is currently marketing in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand & the European Union.

Users can top up their WishCredits balance at any time. The digital WishCard is free to send to the recipient’s email or Facebook wall.

Please visit to download the app.

About the Founder: Jacob Piotrowski is a tech-savvy and creative digital native with years of digital agency and government experience, specialising in mobile apps & web builds.


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